BPV Seniors Division players meeting April 25

Posted by BPV on Apr 15 2021 at 10:20PM PDT in 2020

High schoolers: Grab your friends and help form a team this summer in the Seniors Division of Bettendorf-Pleasant Valley Youth Baseball!

Teams of friends, ages 15-20, play an average of three games per weeknight from mid-May to late July. Solo “free agents” also are very much welcome and are placed on a team.

Registration is open at the following sign-up link:

NOTE: Players making high school teams are eligible, but pairing with freshman baseball is the best option. If trying out and not sure if you will make your high school team, sign up because refunds are available if you make the team and have second thoughts next month. (It is easier to subtract players from a BPV roster instead of trying to add players scrambling for available spots later).

To discuss the possibilities, or for more information, please contact Steve Tappa at

The Senior Division season officially kicks off Sunday, April 25 with a Players/Coaches meeting at Devils Glen (Saldivar Field).

The purpose of the 6 p.m. meeting is to set expectations, discuss details of the season and cover other important information about the division.

The meeting also allows “free agents” to get an idea of the familiar faces in the league and preferred team placements.

A rules meeting for interested coaches & team captains follows immediately after the meeting with all the players breaks up at approximately 7 p.m.